Here is a list of all our Infrastructure and where it’s currently hosted:

web0.161host.netWeb, Mail, DNS, StorageHetznernbg1-dc3
web1.161host.netWeb, Mail, DNS, StorageHetznerfsn1-dc14
app-lb0.161host.netApplication Load BalancerHetznerfsn1-dc14
app0-0.161host.netApplication Node%%
app0-1.161host.netApplication Node%%
app0-2.161host.netApplication Node%%
backup (warm0)BackupmyLocdus6
backup (warm1)BackupOVHrbx4
backup (warm2)Backup%%
backup (cold0)Backup%%
Hosting Locations

The Nodes at Hetzner, myLoc & OVH are Full Disk encrypted and used for Webhosting, Mail Hosting & Backup Storage. Everything that’s considered “private” or “sensitive” data is stored on servers that are owned & operated by 161host. All Servers are Full Disk Encrypted. All Backups are additionally encrypted per Backup Job with rotating keys that are only stored offline. The data stored on the “Application Nodes” is also additionally encrypted and decrypted at runtime. The Application Nodes are only accessible via the Load Balancers & via an administrative VPN (based on WireGuard). If you’ve got any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us via e-mail.

Ein Diagramm was die Verbindungen zwischen den Servern und Clients zeigt, so wie sie bei eingesetzt werden.
This is a diagram of our current network setup. Please note that this is a representation of connections and not actual server counts.